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More than a hundred years ago, Valente Pivetti decided to build a steam mill for grinding wheat between Bologna and Ferrara, a few kilometres from Cento: today, as then, the mill is the soul of the Group, a symbol of our solidity and our commitment to preserve and reinterpret a tradition that is constantly changing and renewing itself. The constant search for the highest quality and the introduction of ever new technologies have allowed Molini Pivetti over the years to become an absolute benchmark for the most demanding professionals in the milling sector.THIS IS WHO WE ARE! We have been experts in “Saper Far Farina” (know how to make flour) since 1875, we know the raw material and how to use it, but today we are even closer to the world of professionals, to be able to support them with more and more cutting-edge services, creating a special department for food service, both for those who are already in the business and for those who are starting to approach the baking world, whether for passion, curiosity or business.And so Pivetti Lab was born  


An innovative digital path made of discussions, experiments and skills. A real workshop to discover the world of flour together.


Here, tradition meets digital tools to create an innovative and interesting project, for deep rediscovery.  We will start from the basics and, together with our Research and Development experts, we will get to know wheat and flour better.  There will be customised courses for Fresh Pasta, Pastry, Pizzeria and Bakery professionals. The leading experts in this sector are working together with us at Molini Pivetti in order to pass on to you, the trainees, friends and clients, all the most important knowledge of the tradition of the art of baking without, however, neglecting a pinch of innovation, which is a key feature of the PIVETTI LAB project. The financial aspect will not be neglected either. We will learn together how to build your own successful business, or how to further enhance your already existing business.

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