Alessio Aldrovandi

Master Pasta Maker

Alessio Aldrovandi

Master Pasta Maker


Aldrovandi Alessio, master pasta maker, born in 1996 in a family of experts in this art, and hence has had the opportunity to have his fingers literally 'in the pasta' (rather than in the pie) since he was a child.
At the age of eighteen, he decided to work in the fresh pasta workshop owned by his family where he rediscovered his love for this art.
Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work alongside his father, in his collaborations both in Italy and abroad.
His young age is leading him to experiment and to look at tradition with a future-oriented vision, because what is innovative today could be the tradition of tomorrow.
In the last year, he has been involved in the opening of an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv and there he discovered how rewarding it can be to teach: “Not only do I challenge myself to submit my flavours to the judgement of new people, but I see how my teachings are followed, personalised and re-proposed with creativity and my unfailing ingredient: passion”, he commented.

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